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  2. Everytime I send a PM I see this message: You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later. And I am not able to edit any of my posts. ~Thanks!!
  3. My Threads ✰ ************* RP Challenges ✰ ************
  4. Color key for Houses Gryffindor: #ae162c Hufflepuff: #ffdb00 Ravenclaw: #2e43e9 Slytherin: #278645 ************* My Threads ✰ ************* RP Challenges ✰ ************
  5. @ Prof. Aiken Neel I can no longer see the messages option on the top bar.
  6. Hey  a new SNEK!!!!!!!!   Hows it going?

    1. Kyle Grey

      Kyle Grey

      Hiii!!! I'm good. How are you?

    2. Danika Cassowary

      Danika Cassowary



      Yeah welcome

    3. Kyle Grey

      Kyle Grey

      Hi Danika!!


  7. Kyle Grey First Year. Slytherin. Heterosexual. Single. Twin to Oscar. ✰ Loving ✰ Impulsive ✰ Caring ✰ Kind✰ Progressive ✰ Loyal ✰ Sensitive KYLE'S RELATIONSHIPS Oscar Grey First Year. Ravenclaw. Bisexual. Single. Twin to Kyle. ✰ Quiet ✰ Shy ✰ Artist ✰ Dreamer ✰ Possessive ✰ Soft ✰ Honest OSCAR'S RELATIONSHIPS Wanna RP? Hit me up here.
  8. I agree to the above mentioned rules.
  9. I can't send PMs on the site. And the discord link is not working either. Please help!
  10. Oops I put this in the wrong place. Please delete this.
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