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  1. Hogwarts Forever Official Spells List First Year Spells Alohomora: Charm that causes a locked object to open. Baubillious: Casts a harmless bolt of white light used for illumination or decoration. Colloportus: Shuts a door magically so it can’t be opened by the door knob or with Alohomora. Depulso: Sends the targeted object away with the caster. Diffindo: Cause small rips into the target; can also be used to cut skin. Erecto: Makes tents and other structures erect themselves. Factus B
  2. Hogwarts School Rules Information These school rules are for roleplaying purposes only, these are the rules for all students in character, they are enforced by all professors and breaking any of these school rules can result in a loss of points from your house. These rules are the ones found in the books, as well as additional ones created by the staff of Hogwarts Forever. Hogwarts School Rules First-year students are not allowed to have broomsticks. Students are allowed to have an owl, a cat, or a toad. (This rule doesn't seem to be
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