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Welcome to Hogwarts Forever!

Prof. Aiken Neel

ABOUT Hogwarts Forever

Timeline & Setting

We are a Harry Potter site that works within the same universe as Harry Potter (so this is not an AU or "Alternate Universe" setting), Harry Potter did go to this school and he graduated in 1998. The present year is 2021, [as new players you would have entered the school at the beginning of the school year which is Sept. of 2020] so Harry, Ron and Hermione have graduated many years ago.



Major historical events will not be altered. However, in the tradition of the Potter universe, some creative license will be taken with the history of the RPG's setting. Our goal is to create an entire wizarding world from scratch. We ask that the writers strive to be historically accurate regarding the lives, but we are not touting the RPG as a historical.



Game Requirements

  • This game is an online storytelling (novel-style) RPG. You need to be able to access our website to respond to character tags in posts, write posts, and publish them to the website.
  • Ability to read, write, and communicate in English. No Text Speech Allowed in Posts!
  • A working computer or tablet and internet access (writing is done online).
  • Basic computer knowledge and technical skills. You need to be able to navigate the internet to research posts, history, and story ideas, etc.



Rules and Rating

Hogwarts Forever requires that you be at least thirteen (13)  years old to join our roleplay. Ignorance is not bliss! It is also not an excuse for not following the site's rules and guidelines. Before contacting us or asking to create a character, you should Read the Rules!


Contact Us

If you have questions, you can use one of the following methods for contacting the Game Manager(s).


Discord: Hogwarts Forever has a Discord server for live chat. You might have to wait for a while for someone to be available, so be patient and don't give up. Click on Discord in the main menu. It will take you to the server and/or a sign-up form if you do not have a Discord account. It is advised that you leave any questions in the #help channel to make sure it is seen.


Help Me! Forum: This is a guest-friendly forum that you can access for posting questions.


Private Messages: Once you have registered an account on our site, feel free to contact the GM(s) via private message.


Read Next: The Rules


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