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House Points

House Points
House Points Limits

All professors have the ability to award points to students who do well in classes, assist with extra work, or have somehow done something worth merit. However we do have limits on how many points can be given for certain things, all other points need to be approved before being given, to get approval for extra points simply owl post @Prof. Aiken Neel or @Prof. Heath Barkridge.

The following are the current ways to earn points and the maximum points allowed to be awarded, some of these are automated through the office, the others professor put in themselves. If the point type is listed in red then it is awarded only by the Heads of House. If the point total is in purple then it is run through the office. If the point total is in orange then the Headmaster awards those points.
  • Advertising: each person will earn ten (10) points per advertisement posted.
  • Class Assistant Points: Professors may award a maximum of fifty (50) points to their class assistant per term.
  • Class Points: Professors may award a maximum of two hundred and fifty (250) points per class per term to a student, and may not award more than 50 points per lesson.
  • Graphics Central: Each request a student fills will earn them fifteen (15) house points.
  • House Parties: Each month the Head of House may award up to fifty (50) points per person, for members who participate in the monthly house parties.
  • Hogwarts High Champion: The points are awarded as follows for the champions in the Hogwarts High Championship.
    • First Place: 500 points
    • Second Place: 250 points
    • Third Place: 125 points
    • Fourth Place: 75 points
  • Hogwarts High Champion House Pre-Task Champions: The champion from each house will earn two hundred (200) house points.
  • Hogwarts High Champion Pre-Task Participation: Hogwarts High Task Pre-Term participants all receive one hundred (100) points.
  • Library Submissions: Any student who submits information that is then placed into the Hogwarts Forever Library may receive up to fifty (50) points.
  • Mentor Program: Each student may earn a maximum of fifty (50) points per student they mentor.
  • Pride Month Assistant Points: Students who assist in planning and executing pride month events for their house pride month may be awarded up to three hundred (300) points.
  • Quidditch: Each team will earn ten (10) points per question answered correctly during a match, and the team that catches the snitch will earn one hundred and fifty (150) points.
  • Roleplay Challenges: Roleplay challenges are worth a maximum of fifty (50) points, these are handled through the office.
  • Student of the Month: Each month each Head of House will award the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw/Slytherin of the Month fifty (50) points.
  • Site-Wide Contests: Points for site-wide contests will be determined at the time the contest is posted, this includes the Real Life Prize Vault contests, this amount will never exceed two hundred (200) points.
  • Weekly School Contests: These contests are worth a maximum of fifty (50) points per contest.
Points Approval

All points must be approved through the Headmaster, so once a professor, staff member, or Head of House has put in points they will not display in the House Point totals and the members total points earned until they have been approved through the office. The point totals display for all students in their right hand sidebar, and their profile in the office, the house totals also display in the sidebar in both the office and on the forums. These house totals update automatically upon approval.



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